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Volunteers often partner with the community in service without fully understanding the community or their potential for impact. Oftentimes key areas of the project are not efficient due to spotty logistics, a lack of community understanding, and surface-level volunteer orientations,Through Project: Transformed, we support volunteer groups by assisting them develop and implement their servant-centered community project from start to finish.

let us help you make the most out of volunteering.

We have a fresh eye, and can see where the problems may reside in developing your volunteer groups’ service project.


  • The Goal: An introductory phone call or in person meeting will take place to discuss your organization, volunteer program, and overall goals for impact.

  • The Logistics: We’ll get down the who, what, when, where, and why of the volunteer project. By getting the logistics in line, we can plan a service event that’s both effective and impactful to your volunteers and the community it plans to partner with in service.

  • The Heart Work: We will host one orientation session for your volunteers that will cover the ins and outs of the project, get them prepped for the heart work of their service experience.

  • The Implementation: Our Project:Transformed Implementation Plan will be given so that your group is able to execute the service and duplicate it as needed for future volunteer projects.

  • The Reflection: We will meet and go over the successes and challenges in the project to ensure lessons learned for future service with both the volunteers and project coordinators.