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Volunteers are trained and oriented. They serve. They take the group photo. They leave. They want more.

Organizations design a direct service program and during implementation, there is not representative of the community in the process. Not one.

A volunteer group has an idea for a project and wish to implement it in partnership with a grassroots community organization. The grassroots org uses its valuable time and energy to host and create a project for the group that has no sustainable impact. They have harmed the community they wished to help.

These situations happen every single day in the nonprofit sector.

We help organizations create lasting impact by harnessing the power of transformative volunteering and programming methods in order to build effective service practices for your organization or service group.

It's time to move from transactional to transformational. 

Hiring Breauna has been a game-changer! The impact of our church has multiplied thanks to Breauna’s work with our volunteers. She was able to accurately evaluate our current volunteer engagement model, use her creativity to enhance our strengths and help us change the things that were holding us back from reaching our full potential. Breauna worked seamlessly with the vision of our leadership team and won the hearts of our volunteers with her joy, passion and expertise. She also organized our volunteers, empowered volunteer team coordinators, and created systems that would allow for continued growth. Not only that, but she has provided the needed follow up to make sure that strategies are both successful and sustainable. I highly recommend her services.
— Angel Maldonado, Lead Pastor-The Path Church

What are you ready for?

“I'm ready to ensure that MY volunteers are properly oriented and trained to become motivated advocates for our cause while respecting and dignifying the community we serve”

“THose We serve need to be treated as EQUALS in our work. I am ready to dedicate the time and energy to ensure they are EFFECTIVELY engaged PARTNERS!

“we want to ensure that we do service and volunteerism the right way. I am ready to take a second look at our volunteer opportunities. we want to implement impactful projects that will be in partnership with the community while ensuring our volunteers have a transformational experience.”


If you’re ready to start the process of rethinking your services or programming, or if you just want to see if one of these programs is the right fit for your organization, click the button below to book your free discovery call and see if this is a good match.