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It’s the same old story. Volunteers are trained and oriented. They serve. They take the group photo. They leave.

They want more.

Organizations need to breathe some new life into the world of volunteerism, and we need it now. That’s why Connecting the Cause exists.

WE help organizations create lasting impact by harnessing the power of transformative volunteering methods in order to build effective Service practices for your organization or service group.

It's time to move from transactional to transformational. 

Connecting the Cause incorporates tested transformative tools into every aspect of support for the clients we support. We intricately dissect the various aspects of your goals and work from the ground up to determine exactly how to meet them. We then incorporate our own tried and true tools to ensure your success as you move forward with a solidified plan. 

Here's how we can work together to make it happen. What are you ready for? 

“I'm ready to ensure that MY volunteers are properly oriented and trained to have maximum impact.”


“My volunteers deserve to be treated as partners in our work. I am ready to dedicate the time and energy to ensure they are engaged and come back for more!” 


“we want to ensure that we do service and volunteerism the right way. I am ready to implement an impactful project that will be in partnership with the community while ensuring our volunteers have a transformational experience.”


Looking for some quick support?

Feeling stuck?

Need a sounding board?

 The mission of Connecting the Cause is to provide unique and specific solutions to your volunteer program challenges. If you are a volunteer manager, development professional, or staff member who oversees volunteers, and have a specific question you would like to work through,  then this is the service for you. You have the opportunity to jump on a call and get quick solutions to your most pressing needs. 

Possible topics could include: 

  • Finding a solution to mitigating change within your volunteer program

  • The right way to handle a disgruntled volunteer

  • Support on developing a volunteer appreciation strategy

  • Deep dive into volunteer strategic planning

  • Understanding how to balance and mitigate soft and hard risks within your program.

What you'll get: 

  • (1) 90 minute intensive phone call or in person meeting

  • A follow up summary and implementation notes (.PDF form)

  • 1 Week of exclusive email access for encouragement, accountability, and support

Investment: $250


If you’re ready to start the process for building a stellar volunteer program, or if you just want to see if one of these programs is the right fit for your organization, click the button below to book your free discovery call and see if this is a good match.