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You're at the point where your volunteer engagement has become a bit stagnant. People are coming through the door, but they aren't staying. 

You start asking yourself these questions:

How can I change our engagement tactics so that volunteers turn into leads and advocates for your cause? 

How to I recognize and reward my volunteers so they feel appreciated? 

How can I increase our tactics so that volunteers feel truly connected to our organization's cause? 

If you are asking those questions, this package is for you. Keeping your volunteers engaged after their initial interaction with you will save your organization time, money, and energy. 


  • A preliminary interview will be conducted to get an understanding of your current engagement practices, your organization, volunteer program, and goals for deeper engagement
  • We will access all training documents or marketing materials in order to conduct further research
  • We will conduct a focus group or either have intentional interviews with current volunteers to understand involvement and engagement practices
  • There will be additional correspondence to discuss follow up questions for clarity as well as check-ins
  •  Your Engagement Strategy Blueprint report with final recommendations and strategy moving forward will then be delivered! 
  • I will be available for one month for implementation questions and support.