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Your Investment: $29.00 gives you access to the recorded webinar.

it’s time to rethink Volunteer Engagement.

Having a diverse volunteer base is a good start, but do you have the systems in place to ensure that they are engaged with respect and see themselves as a part of your mission? Are you a new nonprofit executive director, volunteer manager, or volunteer leader trying to figure out how to best utilize and engage a diverse volunteer base?

Join Breauna of Connecting the Cause and Diandria of DLB Consults, LLC in a webinar on how to create a culture of dignity and inclusion in volunteer engagement from both the volunteer and nonprofit perspective. Webinar provides tools and tips to help you engage and nurture your volunteers, and create a welcoming space for their thoughts, advocacy, and voice. This is the first of a series of conversations discussing volunteer engagement and we want you to be a part of it! The investment is only $29.00 and will give you access to the recorded video.

This webinar is for:

  • Nonprofit professionals dedicated to inclusive volunteer practices

  • Volunteer managers looking to create engagement systems that highlight voices of color

  • Community leaders who are seeking to recruit, retain, and effectively engage with diverse populations

  • Alternative break groups who host students of color

  • Executive Directors dedicated to overhauling their organizational culture

  • Start-up organizations who are starting to recruit volunteers for their cause

You will learn:

  • Our story as black women in the nonprofit sector

  • Our definition of diversity and why it can be damaging to your bottom line

  • The mindset shift that must take place in order to create a culture of inclusiveness

  • Strategies and systems to be put in place to increase volunteer effectiveness

  • Practical examples of creating a culture of inclusiveness that can be implemented instantly

Your Investment of $29.00 gives you access to the recorded webinar!