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Connecting the Cause: One-on-One Encounters

There is nothing we like more than getting up in front of a passionate crowd and talking about service. What drives us even more is knowing that we’re on a mission to transform mindsets and perceptions. Workshops and presentations can be conducted around almost any aspect of volunteer programming. We tailor each presentation or workshop based on your organization or group needs. In-house workshop topics include: 

  • Volunteer-Staff Relationships: Increasing Organizational Capacity

  • Baptism to Body-Onboarding Your Newest Church Members in Transformative Service

  • Volunteer Engagement and the Truth About Retention

  • Building AmeriCorps-Staff Relationships

  • Responsible Service: How to Help and Not Harm

  • How to Develop Your Service Centered Passions

Drop me a line if you're interested! I would love to hear from you.