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There is nothing we like more than getting up in front of a passionate crowd and talking about service. What drives us even more is knowing that we’re on a mission to transform mindsets and perceptions. Presentations can be conducted around almost any aspect of volunteer programming, or service, and we tailor each one based on your organization or group needs. In-house workshop and speaking topics include: 

  • Responsible Service: How to Help and Not Harm the Community You Serve

  • Baptism to Body- Onboarding Your Newest Church Members in Transformative Service

  • Transactional vs. Transformational Service

  • How to Engage Communities of Color in Your Nonprofit’s Mission

  • How to Develop Your Service Centered Passions

As a board member of the Young Nonprofit Professional Network—Atlanta, I invited Breauna to speak at a professional development event for our members on strategic volunteering. What could have been a typical sit-and-listen evening seminar, in actuality became one of the most engaging, practical, and most talked about events we’ve hosted. Breauna is relatable in that she brings a combination of best practices, personal anecdotes, and resources to the conversation, truly meets clients and audiences where they’re at to generate the greatest impact.
Beyond that singular event, Breauna has been someone I’ve time and again relied on for guidance, insights, and especially inspiration. At once an expert and a genuine human being, it’s clear that civic engagement and volunteer management isn’t just a job but a core value that aligns to Breauna’s personal mission.
— Tommy P., Consultant, Georgia Center for Nonprofits

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