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I help organizations and women changemakers understand, harness, and utilize the power of transformative service.


I help women connect to their why and cultivate their servant-centered selves.

The purpose of Connecting the Cause is very simple. We help women hone in on their calling, give them the confidence to make a difference as a changemaker, and empower them to put action behind their why. Through uniquely crafted resources, we push women to go deep, so they are able to align their servant-centered purpose with effective change. Through the use of tailored strategies, I am dedicated to preparing your heart, mind, and actions and using them to help develop your community. It is my goal that you are transformed through connecting to your cause.

I help organizations effectively engage their volunteer base. 

The main goal for any organization engaging volunteers is that they become super connected to the mission and feel important, encouraged, and nurtured while serving. Many times that goal is derailed due to training and orientation challenges, lack of clear goals, and overall disconnection from the community they serve. My expertise and passion is helping organizations and volunteer groups develop unique and tailored practices that foster transformative experiences for both them and the ones they serve. I don’t want to help you recruit volunteers. I want to turn them into true advocates.


Access your copy: Service-Centered Changemakers: Affirmations Workbook. 

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 Connecting the Cause can help if you are.....

A mission-driven woman dedicated to making a difference through service. You care about the world and where it’s headed and you want to use your unique talents and skills to make a difference.


A group of community volunteers who want to learn how to volunteer the right way. You want to ensure you have the tools to collaborate and foster true impact while also having a true transformational service experience.


An established organization that's ready and dedicated to building a stellar volunteer program in order to increase your reach and programmatic outcomes. 



This is Connecting the Cause, and we want to join your mission. Together, we can realize the full potential of your service-based programs by leveraging your strongest asset: your volunteers.

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Women Changemakers

I'm here to strategize your passions and turn them into tangible action. We know you want to change the world, and we’re here to help.

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