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What is your servant-centered purpose?

Women are powerful. Women are bold. Women have the answers to this world’s problems. We have the power to implement ideas that will change the outcomes of future generations, that will revitalize neighborhoods, and increase community sustainability.

When you serve others with your innate abilities, you are able to live a full, authentic, and genuine life. I was created to connect women with their servant-centered selves in order to change community and create ripples of social impact all over the world. This happens by tackling these areas:

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Our purpose is intricately assigned and developed so that once we activate them, we serve others and simultaneously become better human beings for ourselves and the community around us. In order to be a part of effective change, we must understand where our unique passions and purpose lie, where they come from, and how we should go about implementing that heart work. It begins at your why.

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It's a dangerous misconception that just because you want to help community and give back that you don't need to do your research. I teach mission-driven women on how to do develop, interpret, and utilize community-driven approaches so they are able to effectively build partnerships, hone in on their target audience, and successfully develop their servant-centered strategy. 


I am all about putting your dream of service into action. I want to make sure that when it comes to being about that action, you have all of the tools needed to hit the ground running. This includes learning about transformative service and building your servant-centered roadmap to stay on the course. All of these aspects will allow you to be effective as a changemaker, and for the individuals you are serving. 

This approach will…

  • Give you the freedom to unapologetically embrace your passion and purpose.

  • Allow you to have clarity and understanding around what makes you tick and how your contribute to the world.

  • Give you the space to be creative and self-empowered while serving others at the same time.

  • Offer a sense of balance while building your legacy from the ground up.

  • Put your unique type of service in action to better the world as a global citizen, and be forever transformed from the inside out. 

Make the first step by taking a look on how we are able to work together.