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What if, when meeting someone new, you didn't ask their profession, or where they were from?

What if it became customary and normal to ask where they served and how they gave back? 

Connecting the Cause was created so that one day, service and volunteerism would be the new normal. We believe that each of our purposes are directly tied and connected to serving others, and that once you understand how you serve and who you serve, you will be operating at your highest, and changing the world simultaneously.

When you serve others with your innate abilities, you are able to live a full, authentic, and genuine life. I am here to help women who are on fire for giving back, with developing and implementing their servant-centered passion projects.

What's a servant-centered passion project? 

A passion project is a creative side project that inspires, drives, or motivates you. It can be connected to your 9-5, or it can not be. It is your passion in manifested form and serves as a guide for your missions in life. A servant-centered passion project is a project that is deeply rooted in the betterment of the world, or in service to others. This could include starting your own food drives, getting more involved in the community as it relates to your passion or skill sets, or starting a new social impact initiative that's been placed on your heart.

I was created to connect women with their service-centered selves in order to change community and create ripples of social impact all over the world. I do this by:

Changing Mindsets

Our passions are intricately assigned and developed so that once we activate them, we serve others and simultaneously become better human beings for ourselves and the community around us. In order to be a part of effective change, we must understand where our unique passions and purpose lie, where they come from, and how we should go about implementing our servant-centered passion projects. I start by assessing your "why" so you have a clear understanding of why you were created and how your gifts and talents can be used to make an impact. 

Laying the Groundwork

It's a dangerous misconception that just because you want to help community and give back that you don't need to do your research. I teach mission-driven women on how to do develop, interpret, and utilize market research so they are able to effectively build community partnerships, hone in on their target audience, and develop successful servant-centered passion projects. Why be a part of change and not be successful? Especially when you are trying to change lives.

Implementing Effective Action

I am all about putting your dream of service into action. I want to make sure that when it comes to being about that action, you have all of the tools needed to hit the ground running. This includes strategic planning, learning about transformative service, and building your servant-centered brand. All of these aspects will allow you to be effective as a changemaker, and for the individuals you are serving. 

There are so many benefits from embarking on your next passion project. Starting this journey will:

  • Give you the freedom to unapologetically embrace your passion and purpose.

  • Allow you to have clarity and understanding around what makes you tick and how your contribute to the world.

  • Give you the space to be creative and self-empowered while serving others at the same time.

  • Offer a sense of balance while building your legacy from the ground up.

  • Put your unique type of service in action to better the world as a global citizen, and be forever transformed from the inside out.



Make the first step by taking a look on how we are able to work together.

Clarity sessions (1).png

Battling multiple ideas and need some insight into what works best in accordance with your unique abilities?

This clarity session is specifically designed to get some quick streamlined answers in order to feel confident and empowered to implement your servant-centered ideas. Depending on your individual needs, we will construct the clarity session to get you unstuck and moving in the right direction.

What you'll get...

(1) 90 minute phone call or in person meeting catered to your needs in order to find unique solutions to your questions and concerns.

A follow up Summary and Implementation Notes (.PDF) for you to review and come back to for inspiration and knowledge support

1 Week of VIP Email Access for Accountability & Support

Investment: $75.00

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This 2 month 1:1 groundwork package will help you understand your gifts and talents, and how you can use them purposefully in your life. Our missions are all deeply rooted in the service of others, and it is my goal to help you understand how you serve, and what it looks like to give back in your own unique way. You will leave out of our sessions feeling empowered, centered, and ready to be the change!


(5) 45 minute one-on-one consulting sessions (phone calls or in-person meetings), spanned over 2 months

(1) Gifts for Good workbook to document your experiences.

Tailored homework for you to complete to enhance our coaching sessions.

VIP email access and support throughout our time together.

Free month of accessibility for follow up questions.

Investment: $497.00

payment plans available.

Further months can be added to this package for an additional cost.

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Let's make moves and be about that action!

This 4 month 1:1 Masterbuild is specifically designed to usher your servant-centered passion project from theory to reality. This is for women who have an idea around a passion project focused around a community based program or initiative but need step by step guidance as to where to start, what resources are out there, and how to implement it effectively. This is for women who are serious about pursuing their purpose, no play play. I use my I.M.P.A.C.T. Model to coach you thorugh to victory! Let's get started!

What You'll Get

(8) 45 minute one-on-one consulting sessions(phone calls or in-person meetings), spanned over 4 months. to focus on your specific passion project and its development.

Tailored homework for you to complete to enhance our coaching sessions.

VIP email access and support throughout our time together.

Access to helpful articles, resources, worksheets, and checklists to keep you uplifted and on track.

Investment: $759.00

payment plans available

Interested in one of the packages above? I would love to talk through what I offer with you, to see if it's a good fit!