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15 Affirmations for the Service-Driven Change Maker

We are constantly bombarded with negative news stories, world disasters, and an overload of gut wrenching information. As service-driven change makers, we deal with the hard stuff. Domestic violence, hunger, systematic injustice, police brutality, and refugee rights are just a few of the issue areas we operate in on a daily basis. As we fight for a better world, it is so essential that we practice self-care, feed ourselves positive energy, and have a clear mind and heart about who we are and why we serve. Here are some affirmations I've personally created in order to keep me grounded. Feel free to meditate and think on these affirmations in order to stay centered, focused, and ready for the journey ahead. We need you to be your best self, for you and humanity’s sake.

I am confident in my abilities, gifts, and talents to change the present state of the world.

I am intricately connected and tied to my community and understand its needs. I then use this information to make informed decisions about change.

I am a light to the world and it is my responsibility to give a damn about where we are headed as a planet.

I continuously help people who are in needed and offer my time, knowledge, dedication, and energy to those who are designed to accept them.

I am a passionate individual who thinks critically about life’s challenges and offers viable solutions.

At this moment, have every characteristic within me to change my community and the support from dedicated loved ones to make it happen.

I am a part of transformational change and I see the impact of my work on a daily basis.

I am unselfish in my pursuit to give back and seek nothing in return as my service is my gift to the world.  

I am honest with myself and my pursuits for achieving social impact. Ego has no place in my service-centered heart.

There is nothing holding me back physically, emotionally, or mentally. The door is open for me to love, be loved, and have all of the support I need in order to make sustainable change.

I create love, I design impactful ideas, and I implement effective plans that change the lives of the individuals I serve.

My mind is open to learning new information about myself and how I see the world in order to make effective change.

My energy to serve and my power to give is everlasting. There is nothing that I cannot accomplish.

Giving back is not a burden for me. I find ways to serve every day in the smallest ways that in turn make the highest impact.

I am not only serving, but I am also the one being served. Through my gifts to the world, God and the universe bless me over and over again with love that feeds my soul.

BONUS AFFIRMATION: I ask for advice and help when needed, and do not vie for any accolades and honors that come with giving back. I serve because that is my purpose on this earth. When I fulfill my purpose, I am in turn, a better human. This is my reward.

Are there any affirmations you personally subscribe to? I'm always looking to add more to the list. 


Breauna Dorelus is the Chief Cause Consultant at Connecting the Cause, where she is dedicated to building effective volunteer programs for nonprofits through transformative volunteering strategies. As a service-driven millennial, she is dedicated to igniting others to serve through the power of volunteerism, and passionate about connecting people to their purpose.